CINCOM Cordless Hand Massager with Heat 026H

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    Hands Relaxation

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    Relieve Tension

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    Boost Circulation

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    Improve Flexbility

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    Treat Sore Hands

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    Mind-Body Connection

Designed in intelligent air compression technology with heating function, CINCOM hand massager can help with blood circulation and improve more oxygen delivery to muscles resulting in increased performance.

Who Needs It?

1. Suffering Hand Pain

If you suffer from chronic stress, tension, or conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel, consider investing in a good hand massager to keep symptoms at bay.
2. Using Hands A Lot

Whether you spend your time typing on a laptop or using construction tools, our hands are  subjected of repetitive strain each day. CINCOM hand massager is perfect for relaxing hands.
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Compression Massage

Designed in intelligent air compression technology with heating function, it can comprehensively care for your hand, including fingers, palm and wrist.

Using acupressure therapy by compressing your hand, effectively stimulate your acupoints and improve blood circulation for hands relief.

Personal Settings

Adjustable 3 massage modes, 3 intensity levels and 2 heating levels (optional) meet your personal needs and comfort level.

Whole Mode

Circulation Mode

Sequence Mode

In this mode, your hand will be wholly massaged simultaneously by different massage techniques. You can feel the deep massage and relaxation.
In this mode, the massage area goes from the finger to the palm, then the back of hand continuously with different massage techniques. The blood flow will be from the finger to the palm, which is fit for people who want to improve their blood circulation, relax hand muscle strain, alleviate arthritis pain and minimize numbness and stiffness.
In this mode, your finger, palm, and back of hand part will be massaged one by one with various massage techniques. lt is fit for body relaxation and fatigue relief after a whole day work.

3 Intensity Levels

2 Heating Levels (Optioanl)

Min / Mid / Max intensity levels for choosen.

We suggest you use the lowest level at the beginning and you can move your hands to make the strength suitable.
Low / High temperature 95~104°F (35~40°C) for choosen.

The heating function is optional, you can start it or not.

Very Easy To Use

Step 1.

Put your hand in the machine. Then the thumb sticks out from the thumb hole.

Step 2.

Press the power button and hold for 2 seconds to start massage, it will begin with the low intensity and first mode.

Step 3.

You can adjust the mode/intensity/heat button to meet your individual needs and comfort level.

Step 4.

The machine will automatically shut off in 15 mins, you can restart it anytime if you need.
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How quickly can I expect delivery after placing an order?

We offer FREE shipping on US orders. Our efficient shipping process ensures that you receive your order promptly. You can generally expect delivery within 3-5 business days.

Are the massagers backed by any warranties?

Yes, all our massagers come with 1-YEAR warranty to guarantee your satisfaction and product quality.

Can I return the product if not satisfied?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee period in which you can return the undamaged massager to us and get a refund.

What payment methods do you accept for purchases?

We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Klarna, to make your shopping experience convenient.

How can I contact CINCOM if I have any questions or concern?

You can reach our friendly customer support team through our live chat or by emailing